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“Avoid ever to pay another parking ticket with PARKMONARCH.

Sign up with PARKMONARCH and park your vehicle wherever you please within designated areas, without having to worry about paying a potential parking ticket.

For only $2 a month PARKMONARCH accepts the legal liability pertaining to the payment of any parking ticket you may receive from any parking company or government institution.

Read on!”


Background and problem

During the past two decades governments and corporations have made parking related fees a multi billion dollar industry. The profits have become so lucrative, that the consideration for the financial burden placed on the population far surpasses any justifiable proportionality. 

This goes for the ever expanding zones and areas that become subject to parking taxation as well as the ever increasing hourly fees and exorbitantly high parking penalties being issued every day in almost every municipality all over the world.

Under the guise of pollution, climate change, population density, Co2 emissions, et cetera, the profit makers blatantly utilise any politically correct yet non tangibly topic to justify and to vilify anyone trying to rebut or criticise the price policy or expansion strategy of the “Parking Cabal”.

As with many authoritarian measures, the beneficiaries behind the policies know that the memory of a population always proves to be extremely short. 

The time when parking and speeding tickets where issued based on reasonable justification and common sense are long forgotten. 

The implications by which the parking polices of modern day affect the average car owner on a daily basis, wether financially, emotionally or their God given right to freedom of movement are disproportionately alarming.

Solution 1

As with most other “legal penalties” seemingly to have been brought into effect by various governments and institutions post WWII, they are most often unlawful and only redeemable as long as the person in question is unaware of the legal scheme and thus willingly comply to enter the proposed contract and pay the penalty.

By declining to enter into contract under the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) anyone knowledgeable and well fared enough in Maritime Law will be able to reject any parking ticket without any further consequences.


Solution 2

The succes of a parking company relies predominantly on the presumption that people willingly  or under threat of penalty pay the parking ticket.

Under the law, parking companies are required to perform certain administrative and practical procedures every time a car owner disputes a parking ticket. This procedure is very time consuming.

An administrative employee has to open a new case file, debrief the parking warden, submit evidence such as photographs, write up reports and engage in written correspondences with the car owner.

If the case goes to court additional costs will apply for legal counselling and the parking company would have to pay the court a certain upfront fee to bring their case forward.

Since most people pay their parking tickets or at least after their complaint has been denied, parking companies only need to have one or a couple of employees handling the cases.



Imagine if a parking company suddenly were to receive hundreds or thousands of parking ticket complaints and refusals of payment every single day. 

Imagine if say every second parking ticket were challenged by the car owner. How many administrative employees would be required to handle such a workload? How much would that cost the parking company?

Imagine if every one of these cases were handled by a team of UCC experts not only challenging the validity of the parking ticket, but based on UCC contract law imposed a penalty fee on the parking company for entering into contract with the car owner. How much would that cost the parking company?

Imagine how heavy a burden the increase of complaints would have on the court systems. 

Parking tickets are considered low level cases and of low importance, but would take up a disproportional amount of the courts’ time. 

How would this affect the processing time of all court cases?

What economical consequences would it have for the authorities?

Imagine if every time a court takes on a case of a person refusing to pay a parking ticket, that the legal representative of the car owner would also challenge: 

  • Whether the parking company can proof to have entered into contract with the car owner
  • Whether the validity of the actual court case is lawful, by demanding the judge to proof that there actually exists a law that is lawfully signed and in effect. (Which there is not).

How long before judges would begin to dismiss the cases?

How long before the parking company would go bankrupt?


Business Case

“Avoid ever to pay another parking ticket with PARKMONARCH.

Sign up with PARKMONARCH today and park your vehicle at any designated parking space without having to worry about having to pay the parking ticket. 

For only $2 a month PARKMONARCH accepts the legal liability pertaining to the payment of any parking ticket you may receive from any parking company or government institution.”

NB: Parking of a vehicle must be within designated areas or parked in a manner by which the car does not obstruct the traffic, inflict potential harm. Infringe on private rights or cause nuisance.

How does it work from the user’s end point?

Step 1

The user search for and download the web application PARKMONARCH via Google Play or Apple’s App Store.

Step 2

The user is asked to take a picture of their driver’s licence and the car registration paper using their smartphone camera and to submit the photos inside the PARKMONARCH app along with their name and email address. (Name on driver’s license will have to match either user or owner on car registration)

Step 3

Next the user is asked to choose between 3 different subscription options:

Option “ONE”

Add 1 license plate number for 12 months for a total of $100

Option “FAMILY”

Add up to 4 license plate numbers for 12 months for a total of $250


Add unlimited licence plate numbers for $60 per license plate per year.

(Minimum 5 license plates)

Receive a 50% discount on all dollar prices by purchasing your subscription using PARKMONARCH’s own crypto TRUEMONARCH (#MONARCH) instead of FIAT currency.

Step 4

User signs the terms and guarantee agreement and effectively transfers legal liability of the ticket to PARKMONARCH.

This agreement guarantees the user that any potential claims pertaining to a parking ticket is handled and covered by PARKMONARCH as long as the user follow the simple procedure in step 5.

Step 5

The user must perform the following actions if given a parking ticket:

A: Open the PARKMONARCH App.

B: Press the “Here I am” button to have the app take a snapshot of the vehicle’s geo location.

C: Take a picture of the actual parking ticket and submit it to the PARKMONARCH app.

D: Take a picture of the vehicle 10 feet from the rear position, 10 feet from the front position and 10 feet from the side (profile) position. Submit the 3 pictures inside the PARKMONARCH app. (See example of pictures)

E: Continue to enjoy your day. PARKMONARCH will send you a confirmation once the parking company has dropped or lost their (illegal) claim or your ticket (and potential accrued expenses) has been paid in full by PARKMONARCH. 

How does it work from PARKMONARCH’s end point?

Step 1

All users with active subscriptions are registered on the PARKMONARCH WHITE LIST.

Step 2

All parking companies and municipalities are being informed electronically and by recommended letter about the following:

A:  The existence and purpose of PARKMONARCH and who PARKMONARCH represents (PARKMONARCH WHITE LIST).

B: All parking companies and municipalities are then being informed that according to current law (Uniform Commercial Code) and upon entering into contract with each of the following entities (PARKMONARCH WHITE LIST) they accept to pay an upfront fee of $250.000 (TWOHUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND AMERICAN DOLLARS).

C: Further more all parking companies and municipalities are being informed about their illegal activity and which laws their activity is in violation of and the list of points and actions that PARKMONARCH intend to pursue and fulfil in full on behalf of each of the entities on the PARKMONARCH WHITE LIST, including holding not only the companies and municipalities, but also the actual parking wardens as well as responsible directors personal responsible for any and all claims on behalf of each of the entities on the PARKMONARCH WHITE LIST.

D: The license plate numbers of the PARKMONARCH WHITE LIST is not directly visible, but can only be looked up by submitting an active license plate number on the PARKMONARCH app.

Expected change of behaviour on behalf of the Parking Cabal

A: Relatively quickly and upon the acknowledgement of the existence of PARKMONARCH the parking companies and municipalities will have to choose between 10-100 doubling their staff and legal expenses with the risk of going bankrupt or ask their parking wardens to perform the below actions and checks before issuing a parking ticket.

B: Parking wardens are encouraged to download and install the PARKMONARCH app. Before issuing a parking ticket the parking warden are then able to look up the actual license plate in question and confirm whether it is on the PARKMONARCH WHITE LIST.

C: It is expected that parking companies and municipalities relatively quickly will order their parking wardens to look up and disregard any active license plate on the PARKMONARCH WHITE LIST.

D: It is expected that parking wardens relatively quickly will look up and disregard any active license plate on the PARKMONARCH WHITE LIST once it is acknowledged that they are being held personally liable for any and all illegal taxation of another man or woman.

Financing of the PARKMONARCH app and activities

Anyone, regardless of country, religion, gender, race, culture and political affiliation can agree on one thing and that is: “THEY DISLIKE RECEIVING PARKING TICKETS”. 

The support for the PARKMONARCH project has even it is infantile phase received overwhelming support from the public and with good reason: “there is nothing like it on the market”.

PARKMONARCH is introducing several user generated revenue streams to securely uphold all guarantees and to develop and expand the initiative to markets around the globe.

A: The creation and launch of the TRUEMONARCH token (MONARCH) on the Stellar Blockchain Network is expected to raise more than enough capital to both fund the PARKMONARCH project development as well as to create and maintain a substantial “Buffer Bank” to secure any and all guarantees made to it’s users.

B: Regardless of the success of the initial coin offering of the TRUEMONARCH token, revenue projections of the PARKMONARCH in-app subscription based products, show even by conservative measures, very convincing expectations as to the ability to cover all project related expenses, maintenance and expansion.



The PARKMONARCH project is a one of a kind idea. It is simple, powerful sympathetic and easy to understand. It covers a huge demand in almost every single country and every single market around the globe. The project’s potential is enormous and can easily branch into new areas that pose the same type of problem and needs the same type of solution.