TRUEMONARCH Roundtable Network



US Military supported White Nobility Grand Duke of Northern Europe territory take on the Dark Elite liberating one municipality at a time through extensive patriot Roundtable network, counting more than 50 roundtables in Northern Germany and Denmark alone. 



The tyrannical regime of the black “nobility” is coming to an End.

For more than two millennia the dark forces have been enforcing their anti-human and especially anti-feminine negativity through certain ‘hand’-picked Elite families – commonly known as black nobilities. 

For centuries the nefarious conducts of this Dark Elite were counterbalanced by the less known and much fewer White Nobility families, harnessing their powers directly from the divine Creator and thus being an earthly relay station for the Light and of the Light.

The Dark Elite operate from a point of no-light and totally lovelessness and so they do not deviate from their evil intent and agenda to keep their domain in a state of low frequency vibration. 

However, Earth is re-entering the cycle of sacred feminine energy, the encompassing, loving compassion of Mother Mary, life giving in all its magnificent forms – gaining influence on equal terms with the sacred masculine – and when these two non-separate forces re-enters unity all old wounds heal and re-instates balance in the World.

In Europe and Scandinavia the White Nobility families are limited to just a few survivors of the the heinous attacks throughout the centuries of overbalanced masculine energy. 

In modern history this battle of opposing forces has been fought mainly behind the scenes or through proxy wars, however, in recent years White Nobility figures and White hat allies have been stepping forward and shun a light into the dark corners of the world, revealing both the draconian overlords, their minions, the illusory fabric of the matrix and its sinister underworld.

For obvious reasons the few remaining White Nobility heirs have been kept under close protection and secrecy until their time were due to step forward and  fulfil their divine purpose.

One of the remaining heirs of the White Nobility family bloodlines, is his Royal Holyness Grand Duke of Mecklenburg and Vorpommern and heir to the throne of Prussia, Friedrich Maik. 

Story of Grand Duke Friedrich Maik

In early spring of the Lords year 1969 a baby boy of the Light came into existence in the North German region of Mecklenburg – but to protect him and his important life mission, his identity was switched to that of a recently diseased brother and he was “adopted” and raised by selected White hat care takers. 

Less than a decade ago Friedrich Maik was made aware of his true identity and family lineage and his life’s new purpose, should he accept his rightful title of Grand Duke and heir to throne of Prussia and the inherited plan for his fate and Grand Duchy. 

The day after he accepted his destiny and claimed his rightful position and the head of his White Nobility family, his care takers, the people he had come to know as his mother and father committed suicide (for yet undisclosed reasons).

Since then everything else is history.

Grand Duke Friedrich Maik is considered a top figure within the Major Arcana of the Alliance. He has openly declared his affiliation with President Donald J. Trump and is actively and very vocally calling out the Black Nobility and their Cabal minions.

He is constructively going against the globalist agenda on multiple levels and has officially declared the independence of his sovereign Grand Duchy region of Mecklenburg and Vorpommern from the Federal Republic of Germany.

He is returning Castles and Noble Estates back to the people for beneficial use of common good amongst numerous other initiatives that mutually heralds the dawn of the Golden Age.  . 

Currently Friedrich Maik is under full protection by the Alliance and besides his personal US Marine detail more than 6.000 US Marines are stationed in his Duchy per his authority .

Roundtable Network

The White Nobility Roundtable Network directly under Grand Duke Friedrich Maik consists of  thousands of patriots, pledge holders and Godly souls working diligently in favour of our Lord Jesus Christ and God’s true intent for a free and sovereign mankind under Natural and Common Law.

By a reverse infiltration strategy, Friedrich Maik has managed to establish local White hat Roundtables with an ever-growing ripple* effect, purging globalist and cabal minions from local city councils and positions of power by means of pure communication and information sharing to the local populace about the Great Awakening and the goodly and Godly purpose of local governance and individual sovereignty.

Ministry of Christ Church and TRUEMONARCH is part of the White Nobility Roundtable Network as well as part of one seven seat Roundtable that includes his Royal Highness Grand Duke Friedrich Maik as well as two international military officers and influential personalities and scholars of the European Esoteric Freedom Movement.

Funds raised from the crowd sale of the TRUEMONARCH token is going to further seed, establish and expand the White Nobility Roundtable Network in other countries around the globe and further the Great Awakening of humanity as part of the preparations for the release of information, knowledge and technology taking place prior to and after the Event.



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