The TRUEMONARCH Micronation Initiative



A steering group of Sovereign Common Law scholars and 25 patriotic, awaken, entrepreneur families take it into their own hands to bring about a society that resembles the promises of GESARA and the prophesied Golden Age. 

Founded on the crypto currency TRUEMONARCH and a self-sustaining community model and eco-system, “Kingsdale” is the first “copy and paste micronation framework” out of many to spawn in the coming years.

The creation of a sovereign and lawful micronation serves to wake up the sleeping populaces and inspire the newly awakened to not just wait for military intervention or leaders like President Trump to remove the evil powers of the world and bring about relief and prosperity, but to turn to the words of God and rise in His image as the free, sovereign monarchs we are all born to be. 



by Mathew Dekay

“What you are seeing and hearing right now is nothing but a dream. You are dreaming right now in this moment. You’re dreaming with the brain awake.

Dreaming is the main function of the mind, and the mind dreams twenty-four hours a day. It dreams when the brain is awake, and it also dreams when the brain is asleep.

The difference is that when the brain is awake, there is a material frame that makes us perceive things in a linear way. When we go to sleep we do not have the frame, and the dream has the tendency to change constantly.

Humans are dreaming all the time. 

Before we were born the humans before us created a big outside dream that we will call society’s dream or the dream of the planet. 

The dream of the planet is the collective dream of billions of smaller, personal dreams, which together create a dream of a family, a dream of a community, a dream of a city, a dream of a country, and finally a dream of the whole humanity. 

The dream of the planet includes all of society’s rules, its beliefs, its laws, its religions, its different cultures and ways to be, its governments, schools, social events, and holidays.

We are born with the capacity to learn how to dream, and the humans who live before us teach us how to dream the way society dreams. 

The outside dream has so many rules that when a new human is born, we hook the child’s attention and introduce these rules into his or her mind. 

The outside dream uses Mom and Dad, the schools, and religion to teach us how to dream.

Attention is the ability we have to discriminate and to focus only on that which we want to perceive. 

We can perceive millions of things simultaneously, but using our attention, we can hold whatever we want to perceive in the foreground of our mind. 

The adults around us hooked our attention and put information into our minds through repetition.

That is the way we learned everything we know.

By using our attention we learned a whole reality, a whole dream. 

We learned how to behave in society: 

what to believe and what not to believe; 

what is acceptable and what is not acceptable; 

what is good and what is bad; 

what is beautiful and what is ugly; 

what is right and what is wrong. 

It was all there already — all that knowledge, all those rules and concepts about how to behave in the world.

When you were in school, you sat in a little chair and put your attention on what the teacher was teaching you. When you went to church, you put your attention on what the priest or minister was telling you. 

It is the same dynamic with Mom and Dad, brothers and sisters: They were all trying to hook your attention.

We also learn to hook the attention of other humans, and we develop a need for attention which can become very competitive. 

Children compete for the attention of their parents, their teachers, their friends. “Look at me! Look at what I’m doing! Hey, I’m here.”

The need for attention becomes very strong and continues into adulthood. 

The outside dream hooks our attention and teaches us what to believe, beginning with the language that we speak.

Language is the code for understanding and communication between humans. Every letter, every word in each language is an agreement. 

Once we understand the code, our attention is hooked and the energy is transferred from one person to another.

It was not your choice to speak English. You didn’t choose your religion or your moral values – they were already there before you were born. 

We never had the opportunity to choose what to believe or what not to believe. We never chose even the smallest of these agreements. 

We didn’t even choose our own name.

As children, we didn’t have the opportunity to choose our beliefs, but we agreed with the information that was passed to us from the dream of the planet via other humans. 

The only way to store information is by agreement.

The outside dream may hook our attention, but if we don’t agree, we don’t store that information. 

As soon as we agree, we believe it, and this is called faith. To have faith is to believe unconditionally.”




The dream that our forefathers had for a future society has been hijacked, twisted and told back to us with wickedness in mind. 

What we believe is democracy is corporatism and technocracy.

What we believe is freedom is slavery.

What we believe is free will is programming.

What we believe is prosperity is mere surviving.

What we believe is technology is mind control. 

What we believe is making us healthy is killing us.

What we believe we are meant to do we are not.

What we believe is God is Evil.

What we believe is Evil is Fake.

And if you say this.. you are nuts.

The dream of our forefathers was about avoiding a future in the hands of the Black Nobility. 

The so-called Dark Elite. 

Their ambition was for humanity to be living in harmony in Natural Law.

To live in freedom and for people to do whatever they wish to do to attain happiness and prosperity as long as it does not infringe upon or inflict harm on another sentient being and it’s property. 

It was about understanding the esoteric truths of the Bible, not for the words of the Bible to be manipulated and to be used to control people and instil fear and cause ignorance.

Over the past two generations society as we know it has programmed modern day humanity to disregard the connection to God and the Truths of the Holy Bible as mere folklore and perceive it as something only cherished by wacko cults or mediaeval thinking minorities. 

However, in recent years, the Great Awakening has led to the exposure of the powerful elites and their efforts towards centralising power and control to further their nefarious agenda. 

It has been done in such a revealing fashion, that many people have realised that it is no longer permitted to excise free will, contradictory opinion or to act outside society’s framework of political correctness. 

Society’s dream is no longer to be influenced by individual dreams and opinions unless they are in conjunction with the paradigm promoted by the mainstram media. 

This is the new norm authorities want people to accept.

This project serves to show people that there is another way. Humanity is at a crossroad and it is up to the individual man and woman to choose which timeline they want to live, what reality they wish to experience.

The TRUEMONARCH Micronation Initiative is one of the beacons of light that serves as a stronghold of inspiration in a sea of dead as time draws closer to the Harvest. 

The golden ticket out of the matrix and onto the timeline of Christ consciousness is issued within each of us through the very choices we make or abstain from making. 

Are the choices you make 51% Service to Self? 

Or are they more than 51% Service to Others?

When you invest in Bitcoin you support the utility and services of that coin.

By supporting the TRUEMONARCH token you support the utility of a much different asset and the efforts of Service to Others that its utility facilitates.

Make a conscious choice that aligns with your own values and the reality you want to see unfold.


The Acquisition of “Kingsdale”

There is something rotten in the state of Denmark. 

The famous words of the character Marcellus in the Shakespeare Act “Hamlet” refers not to the nation, but to the (mental/spiritual) state of Hamlet, prince of Denmark. Hence the intentions of the false monarchs (black nobility/luciferian bloodlines) that at the time hijacked the world’s oldest monarchy as part of the Rothschild cabal takeover of the European monarchies.

The philosopher behind the pseudonym Shakespeare, Francis Bacon, was also a close advisor to King James, who later gathered all holy scriptures from the burned down library of Alexandria and else where in Europe to create the one true and authorised Bible – The Holy Bible KJV (King James version)

It is prophesied in the Bible that when the true king returns (Christ) the false kings will step down. 

The true king is not the return of Jesus Christ in flesh and blood as the masses are led to believe by the established (black nobility) church. 

It is the return of Christ consciousness.

The return of the king within – YOU – by expanding and raising your state of consciousness to match the frequency of Christ consciousness and become your own true monarch, the co-creator of your own reality.

This state of being is achieved by activating the pineal gland (pine cone shaped gland) inside the human brain and thus the activation of the “crown” chakra, which will set the soul free from the body.

The war between good and evil is fought over the secret potential held within this cone shaped portal to ultimate freedom of creation. 

Game of Thrones is a game of crowns and is indeed real – and you are part of it.

The road to take back your crown, begins in the mental realm within your mind as well as in the physical realm on the fields of Sealand, Denmark.

Kingsdale or “Kongsdal” (Danish ie.) Castle is situated on Sealand in the country of Denmark. 

The Castle is currently up for sale at a price of DKK 230M ($37M)

According to the sales prospect the estate is sitting on 782 aches of land (7+8+2= 17).

Kingsdale will serve as land mass for the first micronation in the TRUEMONARCH Micronation Initiative to establish a TRUEMONARCH currency eco-system and common law based society to break free from the false monarchs and their debt-based maritime law society.


Action Plan Overview

Step 1

Funds are raised through the ICO of TRUEMONARCH (#MONARCH)

Step 2

Depending on the amount of funds raised via the ICO the purchase of Kingsdale will happened immediately upon meeting the target. In case the target isn’t made, the purchase will happened once the target is met through the alternative revenue streams such as PARKMONARCH project.

Step 3

Once the purchase is complete the current personnel, activities, production types, buildings and properties of Kingsdale will undergo an overall assessment to transition from conventional agriculture and forestry to organically, bio-dynamically and permaculture based produce. 

Step 4

Industrial scale production will be downscaled to support the planned self-sufficiency model for the Kingsdale inhabitants as well as to support the surrounding local communities with fresh produce. All produce will be traded in the TRUEMONARCH currency.

Step 5

Part of the main Castle as well as machine stations, barns and farm buildings will undergo preparations for alternative usage such as for: Holistic schools, Tiny House Production, Street Food Villages, Restaurants, Boutique hotels, etc: All services are open to the public to visit, attend, use and purchase using TRUEMONARCH.

Step 6

25-40 like-minded families with different skillset will apply to settle and work on the estate. Some will inhabit the current property buildings and some will inhabit the first Tiny Houses to roll off the supply line. 

Step 7

Families can either fully work within the Kingsdale domain or outside of Kingsdale in the public domain. People that live on the Kingsdale estates receives TRUEMONARCH for which they can purchase produce, water, pay for electricity and other utilities at an extremely low cost.

People that work within the Kingsdale domain receive TRUEMONARCH as payment with saleries equal to 3 times the salary of the same work-position in the outside society and are only required to put in 20 hours a week.

Step 8

A second token is being introduced to represent “Seniority” within the TRUEMONARCH Micro Nation Initiative.

Seniority tokens represents: “voting value” as well as “equity value”.

For every day a settler lives in Kingsdale they earn seniority tokens.

Voting value

A seniority token represents a vote. 

However the token have “voting weight” with a build in decay. 

This means a seniority token received a year ago has less voting weight than a token received yesterday.

This has a number of implications.

Ex: A settler who has been living in Kingsdale for 1 year holds more influence power than a newcomer. However over time their influence equalises.

Ex: A settler who lived in Kingsdale for 10 years and moved away still holds power to influence the community. However over time that influence diminishes.

Equity value

A seniority token represents a value.

A settler cannot own a piece of land in Kingsdale and cannot own a house if it is build on a foundation. However, their seniority tokens represents value equal to the value of a piece of land or house.

This means that if a settler wants to leave the community for good, they can trade-in their seniority tokens. (Somewhat similar to selling their property) or they can hold on to their tokens for later and sell at a later stage when price is maybe more lucrative. 

It also means that if a settler exhibits criminal and unacceptable behaviour to the other settlers they can ultimately (via Common Law courts) vote the ill behavioural settlers “out of Kingsdale” in which case the individuals will be forced to move. (Tiny houses can be trucked away.)

However the seniority tokens still enables “outcasts” to receive their seniority’s worth.

Step 9

Capitalistic abundance is a keyword for the TRUEMONARCH Micronation Initiative.

Each year the total profits of all micronations will be divided between all inhabitants regardless of nation according to seniority (See step 8). 

Everyone gets to reap the profits of their labour and that of their fellow monarchs. This also ensures that the interrelations between micronations are productive and supportive.

Step 10

Kingsdale is open to the outside world and hosts year round events and fairs to promote and inspire people to open their minds as to how life can be lived and to question the status quo of the outside society.

FIAT currencies can be used in all food markets, cafes, restaurants, workshops, etc inside Kingsdale, however, if tourists choose to pay with TRUEMONARCH they receive a 50% discount compared to FIAT on all Kingsdale produce. This will promote TRUEMONARCH adoption by all tourists.



The TRUEMONARCH Micronation Initiative is a precursor concept for GESARA (Global Economic Security and Reformation Act), which serves to alter old paradigm perception and prepare populations for the upcoming changes of global and centralised governance towards decentralised, local governance and to reintroduce core family values and holistic lifestyle, with a focus on communal interaction and natural abundance.