A token of sovereignty

Divine Integrity
Low Cost

“And God said unto Noah, This is the token of the covenant, which I have established between me and all flesh that is upon the earth.”
The Holy Bible KJV genesis 9:17

What we are about

We place our trust in the Divine Creator and the path of Service to others over Service to self

Stellar Blockchain Technology

The MONARCH token is based on the powerful Stellar Blockchain Technology

MONARCH token info

Issuer account, supply amount and other useful information

Current Projects

The MONARCH token help finance and sustain efforts to free mandkind from totalitarian rule and awaken humanity to its divine right of individual sovereignty

Social Media

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Quantum Financial System

The old world order and its debt-driven monetary system is being replaced by a new system fostering a higher state of consciousness

Ministry of Christ Church

The TRUEMONARCH initiative is powered by patriots, pledge holders and sovereign Monarchs of the true Free-Church


25% Whale Bonus

 < 100K XLM

10% Early Bird Bonus

< 10K XLM


Where to buy and trade the MONARCH token

MONARCH is currently LIVE or applying to be listed on the following exchanges

Confirmed and LIVE!
Confirmed and LIVE!

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Token Eco-system

Our current Projects

TRUEMONARCH serves as a token and main asset behind all our Freedom and Sovereignty initiatives either as a means of finance or as the main utility token within the project eco-system. 

How to become a true Monarch

Educate yourself in Uniform Commercial Code and take control of your legal “Straw man” as a free soul and sovereign Monarch


New App: Park where you want and avoid ever to pay another parking ticket with PARKMONARCH

White hat Roundtables

White Nobility Roundtable Network to liberate Black Nobility Cabal occupied areas, one municipality at a time

Micro Nation Initiative

“Kongsdal” Castle in Denmark to be returned to the People as a first of many crypto based “Sovereign Break-Away Societies”


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